Who We Are

Collaborating to deliver exquisite craftsmanship to you.

Our Team

Bill and Denine Kaiser, the resilient and hardworking owners of Whiskey Roots Woodworking, have discovered their true purpose on their farm in Bend, Oregon. Their unwavering dedication to their family and the land they live on has ignited their passion for woodworking, leading them to embark on this new venture. With three children by their side, Bill and Denine have found the perfect opportunity to combine their love for craftsmanship and their desire to create meaningful pieces that will last a lifetime.


At Whiskey Roots Woodworking, the couple will pour their heart and soul into handcrafting exquisite custom cabinets, furniture, and other woodworking projects. Their farm, with its strong family roots, serves as a constant source of inspiration, pushing them to create pieces that reflect their values and the beauty of their surroundings. With each saw cut and every careful finish, Bill and Denine will channel their love for their craft and the love they share as partners, bringing their unique vision to life.